About the Challenge

Give ‘em breakfast. Give ‘em a boost.

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge encourages
all schools to give their students the best start
they can with a healthy breakfast.

  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Classroom participation
  • Attentiveness
  • Concentration
  • Math and reading scores
  • Standardized test scores
  • Cognitive test speed
  • Vocabulary
  • Anxiety
  • School nurse visits
  • Tardiness
  • Absenteeism1,2
School breakfast programs also make economic sense and have been shown
to increase revenue in the food service department.2

Breakfast Strategies

Customize your breakfast program to service the unique needs of your school.

Breakfast in the Cafeteria
Breakfast is served and eaten in the cafeteria. A variety of hot and cold menu items can be offered so students get a healthy start to their day.
Grab ‘n Go
Students pick up breakfast when they arrive at school and it is served in a variety of high-traffic areas such as the cafeteria, hall or entry ways.
Breakfast in the Classroom
Students eat together in the classroom and breakfast is delivered by the nutrition staff, students and/or volunteers.
Second Chance Breakfast
Students get breakfast during a break in the morning after first period or mid-way between breakfast and lunch, similar to Grab ‘n Go.

And remember, in Ohio breakfast can be served in the classroom and counts as part of the school day.

Raise Your Hand

Take the Ohio School Breakfast Challenge. Schools can choose to participate in one or both challenges.

Spring Challenge: Feb. 1 - March 30, 2017

There is no need to sign up! After each challenge period, schools will receive a survey to report their monthly data.


Raise The Bar

Share the commitment to school breakfast and invite other school administrators, educators and nutrition staff to join.

Reach out to parents and students to promote the importance of starting smart with school breakfast.

Raise Your Praise

Schools that meet the criteria below will receive a Breakfast All-Star banner to proudly display in their school. Schools with the following Average Daily Participation (ADP) rates at breakfast can receive the following statewide recognition.

Breakfast All-Stars

80% or higher total ADP*
70–79% total ADP*
60–69% total ADP*
50–59% total ADP*
Rising Star
30% increase from pervious school year ADP*

Ohio School Breakfast Challenge Statewide Champions of Breakfast Awards

Join the Inaugural Eight, Champions of Breakfast Award Winners!

Get Ready to Share Your School Breakfast Best Practice! Applications will be available January 2018,
for schools to share collaborate efforts that strive to create, enhance, or expand their School Breakfast Program.
Champions of Breakfast Award Winners will be announced, March 2018.

In The News

2017 Champions of Breakfast Awards

Congratulations to the Inaugural Eight 2017 Champions of School Breakfast!  Schools were recognized for their innovative and collaborative school breakfast practices.

-Steve Semanick, Teacher, Chillicothe High School

-Lois Wion, AA & Food Service Director, Piqua Central Intermediate School

-Joseph Brown, Child Nutrition, Columbus City Schools

-Sue Hughes, Child Nutrition, BL Miller Elementary School

-Joshua Ashley, Child Nutrition, Clark-Shawnee Elementary & Middle Schools

-Matt Morrison, Principal, Edison Local Elementary & High Schools

-Dana Schultz, Media Specialist, Hilliard-Tharp 6th Grade School

-Sandi Smith, Child Nutrition, Mayfield High School

Click here for the Award Winners Announcement

Click here for Award Winner Success Stories

2017 Spring Challenge Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 School Breakfast Challenge “All-Star” Award Winners for their outstanding efforts!

445 Ohio Schools met the criteria for the Fall 2016 and/or Spring 2017, Ohio School Breakfast Challenge.  All schools will be recognized with a “Breakfast All-Star Banner” at various Ohio School Administrator & School Nutrition Professional Conferences in June 2017.

Click here for the Spring 2017 School Breakfast Challenge Award Announcement

Click here for the Spring 2017 School Breakfast Challenge Award Winners

Click here for the Fall 2016 Ohio School Breakfast Challenge Award Winners

Click here for the Fall 2016 Ohio School Breakfast Challenge Announcement


Ohio Education Groups Support Breakfast

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge is supported by more than 25 school and health organizations.  Hear why this new initiative is important to the following groups:

Ohio School Board Assn 

State Board of Education

Ohio PTA

Ohio Assn of Secondary School Admins

Ohio Assn of Elementary School Admins

Ohio Assn of School Business Officials 

Ohio Education Service Center Assn

Brought to You By:

1 Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) “Breakfast for Health” Fall 2011 www.frac.org
2 Wellness Impact Report: Enhancing Academic Success through Healthy School Environments – GENYOUth Foundation 2013 www.GENYOUthFoundation.org
3 Ohio Department of Health, 2013 Ohio Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Center for Disease Control
4 Section 3313.813, Food Programs- Outdoor Education Centers, 3 (e)
*Annual Total ADP Definition: School Breakfast Annual Average Daily Participation Rates of total students enrolled based on food service monthly claims.