About the Challenge

Give ‘em breakfast. Give ‘em a boost.

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge encourages
schools to start the day with school breakfast
so all students are ready to learn.

  • Attendance
  • Behavior
  • Classroom participation
  • Attentiveness
  • Concentration
  • Math and reading scores
  • Standardized test scores
  • Cognitive test speed
  • Vocabulary
  • Anxiety
  • School nurse visits
  • Tardiness
  • Absenteeism1,2
School breakfast programs also make economic sense and have been shown
to increase revenue in the food service department.3

Breakfast Strategies

Customize your breakfast program to service the unique needs of your school.

Breakfast in the Cafeteria
Breakfast is served and eaten in the cafeteria. A variety of hot and cold menu items can be offered so students get a healthy start to their day. Ohio best practices include Kettering Middle and Northern Local Sheridan
Grab ‘n Go
Students pick up breakfast when they arrive at school and it is served in a variety of high-traffic areas such as the cafeteria, hall or entry ways. Ohio best practices include Wellston City, Winton Woods and Kettering Fairmont
Breakfast in the Classroom
Students eat together in the classroom and breakfast is delivered by the nutrition staff, students and/or volunteers. Ohio best practices include Indian Creek Wintersville, Worthington Granby and Akron Harrison Jackson
Second Chance Breakfast
Students get breakfast during a break in the morning after first period or mid-way between breakfast and lunch, similar to Grab ‘n Go. Ohio best practices include Cincinnati Public and Northmor Local
Explore more innovative and collaborative school breakfast practices.

Did you know in Ohio, breakfast counts as part of the school day when served in the classroom.5

Ohio School Breakfast Champion
& Challenge Award

Schools offering the school breakfast program are encouraged to participate in the Ohio School Breakfast Challenge. Submit participation data for February 1, 2019 thru March 29, 2019. School food authorities will receive a survey gizmo email the last week of March 2019 to report breakfast meals served, serving days and enrollment.



Schools that meet the breakfast ADP rates as stated below will be notified of their award level in May 2019. Schools will receive an All-Star recognition banner to proudly display in their school.

Breakfast All-Stars

Schools that demonstrate a collaborative best practice to create, enhance or expand school breakfast are encouraged to apply for the Champions of Breakfast Award. Applications available January 2019. Nominations will be accepted thru February 1, 2019. Champion Award-winning schools will be announced during National School Breakfast Week, March 2019.

Get the Word Out

Promote and share school breakfast social media messages to your community thru e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter. Hashtag: #OHSBC. Explore the resource page for more promotion ideas!

In The News

Ohio School Breakfast Challenge Case Study

Discover how a group of organizaations under the leadership of the American Dairy Association Mideast engaged state education association leaders to be a part of a concerted effort to increase student access and participation in the School Breakfast Program. Click here for the Case Study.


Secondary School Admin & Teacher Surveys

Surveys provide insight into the beliefs and role secondary school administrators and teachers play in increasing access and participation in school breakfast. Click here for the Secondary Administrator Addenum, and click here for the Teacher Addenum.


Ohio Education Groups Support Breakfast

The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge is supported by more than 25 school and health organizations. Hear why this new initiative is important to the following groups:

Ohio School Board Association

State Board of Education

Ohio PTA

Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators

Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators

Ohio Association of School Business Officials

Ohio Education Service Center Association

2019 Champions of School Breakfast Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 Champion of Breakfast Award Winners for their excellence and innovation of school breakfast service. Click here for the list of 2019 Champion of Breakfast Award Winners and click on the links below for each winner’s success story.

Bright Local School District

Cincinnati Public Schools

Fairborn City Schools

Garfield Heights City Schools

Graham Local Schools

Logan Hocking School District

Millcreek-West Unity Local School District

Pickerington Local School District

Scioto Valley Local School District

Southern Local School District

Winton Woods City School District

All 2019 Success Stories


2018 Champions of School Breakfast Awards

Click here for the 2018 Champion of School Breakfast Award winners announcement and click here for best practices.

2019 All Star Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 Breakfast All Star Award winners. Click here for the list of winners.

Ohio school districts and 313 schools were named Breakfast All Stars for their outstanding efforts in serving school breakfast so all students start their day ready to learn. Breakfast All Star schools met the Ohio School Breakfast Challenge criteria and will receive recognition and a Breakfast All Star Banner to proudly display at their school.


2018 Breakfast All Star Award Winners

Click here for the 2018-School Breakfast Challenge All-Star Award Winners


2017 Breakfast Challenge Award Winners

Click here for the Spring 2017 School Breakfast Challenge Award announcement

Click here for the Spring 2017 School Breakfast Challenge Award Winners



2016 Breakfast Challenge Award Winners

Click here for the Fall 2016 Ohio School Breakfast Challenge announcement

Click here for the Fall 2016 Ohio School Breakfast Challenge Award Winners


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*Annual Total ADP Definition: School Breakfast Annual Average Daily Participation Rates of total students enrolled based on food service monthly claims.